Hena Aposhian

Depicting Armenia in Another Light: The Creative Voyage of Karishok Dulyan

“I entered the art world at a very young age,” explains the Armenian artist Karishok Dulyan, who held her very first solo exhibition of her 32 artworks, when she was only five years old. Born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia, Karishok’s parents were quick to pick up on her passion for drawing, so they signed […]

02 January 2024 | Hena Aposhian

Exploring Our Inner Universe with Maria Leonard

“I have noticed that our journey towards self-discovery is often hindered by years of unawareness and a lack of education about the power of our minds and energies, starting from our early years,” explains Maria Leonard, an Armenian spiritual coach and founder of Life Scripting. Born in Kuwait, Maria and her family were on the […]

16 October 2023 | Hena Aposhian

The Colliding Identities and Alternate Worlds of Stephany Sanossian

Walking into the 2022 Armenia Art Fair, I could see that each corner, each artist, and each work of art served a specific purpose and added a personalized touch to the 3-day-event.  Taking place for the third time, the Armenia Art Fair is a social affair that brings together contemporary artists from Armenia and around […]

19 August 2022 | Hena Aposhian

A Journey into Ripsime’s Inner Kingdom

Born into a family of academics, the British-Armenian artist, Ripsime never imagined that she would one day pursue a career in the music industry. Throughout the first six years of her life, Ripsime moved back and forth between Latvia, her mother’s hometown of Stepanakert, and the US, until her parents finally settled in London.  Both […]

29 March 2022 | Hena Aposhian

“From Myself to Myself by Myself”: Amassia Niziblian’s debut solo exhibition.

On October 1st, 2021 Amassia Niziblian, a 21-year-old Armenian-Canadian artist, debuted her very first solo art exhibition at the Hay Art Cultural Center in downtown Yerevan. Her work draws from her personal diary, as well as her Armenian identity and her experience as a woman.

06 December 2021 | Hena Aposhian

Small Business Owners: Sonya Ohanjanyan

With a profound passion for both art and Armenia, Sonya was determined to combine them both and create her own brand, Sonmade. Ever since she was a little girl, Sonya was interested in many different forms of art such as pottery, painting, and even interior design. She was also fascinated by different cultures, and received […]

06 August 2021 | Hena Aposhian

Social Media and the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War

In an interview with Dr. Karena Avedissian, a political scientist and a very reputable Armenian figure on Twitter, especially during the Nagorno-Karabakh 2020 War, Azad Archives discussed the effect of social media on the war, the aftermath of the war, and where Armenians stand now.

07 May 2021 | Hena Aposhian