Bala Bimbambum in the Land of Bugistan

Growing up in Yerevan, Babken Sahakyan felt constrained, unable to explore their gender and artistic identities. When they moved to Berlin, they started to explore drag and other art forms. Eventually they were inspired by their drag character, Balabimbambum to create a world with no limits where they could explore all elements of Armenianness, queerness, art, drag, imagination, and expression.

19 January 2022 | Azad Archives

“From Myself to Myself by Myself”: Amassia Niziblian’s debut solo exhibition.

On October 1st, 2021 Amassia Niziblian, a 21-year-old Armenian-Canadian artist, debuted her very first solo art exhibition at the Hay Art Cultural Center in downtown Yerevan. Her work draws from her personal diary, as well as her Armenian identity and her experience as a woman.

06 December 2021 | Hena Aposhian

Zepure, Զեփյուռ, a Breeze

By Kristin Anahit Cass This article is done as a collaboration with Entanik, a global organization dedicated to uplifting and showcasing people in queer Armenian, SWANA, and allied communities.  In vibrant red threads on hanging sheets, clothes, and even pads, Zepure explores the shame and public rules that regulate a woman’s body. Zepure is a queer, […]

23 November 2021 | Azad Archives

borders are

borders are 1. invisible margins 2. like a necklace with a clasp too tight 3. traffic lights pulsating the color of blood 4. ruled the cause of death 5. quicksand that eat the enemy whole 6. uncertain who the enemy is 7. hours of absence turned years of absence turned decades of 8. absence 9. […]

05 October 2021 | Azad Archives

Ode to My Daughter’s Other Half

by Maryam Dilakian Mama, can you please tell meSome stories about Armenia?My daughter asksNo doubt perplexedAs alwaysBy all she knows of JamaicaHaving traveled to the islandThriceSwum in her watersClimbed her hillsHeard her songsHer father’s tongueTasted the goat and mangoFish and hard doughOxtail and sugar caneSince birth(Albeit on the island of Manhattan)And how little she still […]

02 September 2021 | Azad Archives

Could be

By Sargon Yousefian Dezag Tekkie Assimilation as  Erasure.  I’ve spent a good chunk  Of my life not understanding  What happened around me. I was wanted to pass  As something impossible.  Things were thought,  Maybe taught to be,  as circumstantial  To hide oppression.  I was cancelled,  In order to be adjusted.

18 August 2021 | Sargon Yousefian Dezag Tekkie

Small Business Owners: Sonya Ohanjanyan

With a profound passion for both art and Armenia, Sonya was determined to combine them both and create her own brand, Sonmade. Ever since she was a little girl, Sonya was interested in many different forms of art such as pottery, painting, and even interior design. She was also fascinated by different cultures, and received […]

06 August 2021 | Hena Aposhian

Movie Review: Promising Young Woman

The rape-revenge trope has permeated through Hollywood over the years, especially in horror, gaining notoriety with the infamous I Spit On Your Grave in 1978. These films often offer stories of  vigilantism and vengeance, but not before the female protagonist is put  through unbearable physical and psychological agony. Recent offerings of this genre like 2017’s […]

30 June 2021 | Alique Derderian

23rd of April/Wash day

Poem by Sargon Yousefian Dezag Tekkie

04 June 2021 | Sargon Yousefian Dezag Tekkie

Mary Basmadjian on Socially Conscious Comedy, the Origins of Vartoush, and Not Feeling Armenian Enough

With a growing following of over 50k on Instagram, Mary Basmadjian gained notoriety as a comedian by using her platform to effortlessly combine humor and activism. Her goal: making people laugh while simultaneously encouraging them to reflect on their own ideas and personal biases.

07 May 2021 | Araxie Cass