Zepure, Զեփյուռ, a Breeze

By Kristin Anahit Cass This article is done as a collaboration with Entanik, a global organization dedicated to uplifting and showcasing people in queer Armenian, SWANA, and allied communities.  In vibrant red threads on hanging sheets, clothes, and even pads, Zepure explores the shame and public rules that regulate a woman’s body. Zepure is a queer, […]

23 November 2021 | Azad Archives

The Red Painting

by Paula Kjdrian Tonight  I am just another slut,  only in white.  A pandora’s box, an attempt to see if my purity is a hoax. Tonight  I will promise my eternity,  my children, my body.  He will promise his love to me only if I meet what he expects of me.  Tonight  I will lay […]

16 November 2021 | Araxie Cass

Behind Bride Kidnapping: Interview with Lara Aharonian

This article is Part 3 in a series on Bride Kidnapping. Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. In her work at the Women’s Resource Center, Lara Aharonian has seen multiple cases of bride kidnapping. In this interview, Mariam Avagyan talks to Aharonian about the silence around bride kidnapping, the importance of consent, and […]

25 October 2021 | Mariam Avagyan

A Letter to an Old Friend

by Alexa Gris Thinking about you happens often, without my permission, but it happens.  I don’t want to miss you, but sometimes I do. I don’t want to hate you, but most of the time, I do. Ten years later, why do you still take up so much space in my mind after taking what […]

10 October 2021 | Azad Archives

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borders are

borders are 1. invisible margins 2. like a necklace with a clasp too tight 3. traffic lights pulsating the color of blood 4. ruled the cause of death 5. quicksand that eat the enemy whole 6. uncertain who the enemy is 7. hours of absence turned years of absence turned decades of 8. absence 9. […]

05 October 2021 | Azad Archives

Behind Bride Kidnapping: Interview with Chris Edling

This article is Part 2 in a series on Bride Kidnapping. Read the first part here.  CW: Sexual Assault When he volunteered in Armenia with the Peace Corps, Chris Edling was surprised to hear about the practice of bride kidnapping, especially with aspects like “consensual kidnapping.” He dove into extensive research on the topic, working […]

12 September 2021 | Mariam Avagyan