AZAD FILMS: 100 Years of Armenian Cinema

Welcome to Azad Films, a series of online and in-person events dedicated to increasing the appreciation and accessibility of Armenian cinema. Starting on July 20th, we’ll add a new film to this page every week, including a description and link for free viewing. Every Thursday, you can anticipate a delightful surprise awaiting you on the […]

16 August 2023 | Tatevik Ayvazyan

Exploring the Silences: Interview with Nancy Agabian

By Kristin Anahit Cass Articulate, charming, thoughtful, socially engaged, and genuinely kind, author Nancy Agabian is the sort of person you immediately want to know better. Her writing is at once vulnerable and sharp, and she gets to the raw places where individual identity confronts the conformity that marginalized groups often demand in search of […]

04 August 2023 | Kristin Anahit Cass

Armenian Folk Magic: Relearning Our Ancient Traditions

by Hailey Eisman and Araxie Cass While folk practices are often associated with the past and older ways of life, elements of folk magic are easy to spot in modern Armenian communities across the globe. The nazar, or evil eye, is a ubiquitous symbol in art, clothing, jewelry, and decoration. In addition, recent years have […]

23 July 2023 | Hailey Eisman

Announcement: Azad Archives Presents Online Film Series: 100 Years of Armenian Cinema

Azad Archives, an Armenian alternative platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of an online Armenian film series, Azad Films: 100 Years of Armenian Cinema. Curated by our board member, filmmaker and writer Tatevik Ayvazyan, the series aims to showcase the rich tapestry of Armenian cinema. The online Armenian film series will provide a unique […]

19 July 2023 | Azad Archives

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To Turn an Armenian Out

Last night I left a baby on a rock.  Unlike the others, this baby wasn’t detailed – it didn’t drool or coo or make jerky movements or ever-changing expressions. In fact, it wasn’t much different from a doll except that it was heavy, straining my arms as I held it to my chest. I was […]

02 May 2023 | Nancy Agabian

Azad Sparks: The Fight for Transgender Rights in Armenia with Lilit Martirosyan

CW: This article includes descriptions of anti-LGBTQ+ violence and hate speech.  This article is part of Azad Sparks: Critical Conversations for the Armenian Community. Azad Sparks is an interview series dedicated to starting transnational conversations on the topics that aren’t often talked about in prevailing Armenian discourse. Here we ask the difficult questions, break the […]

01 February 2023 | Araxie Cass

No Means No: Yallah, Bye

Consent has been the center of a lot of discussion lately, both within the Armenian community and outside of it. Though legal definitions of sexual consent vary from country to country, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “giv[ing] assent or approval.”

Simple enough, right? Not exactly.

10 January 2023 | Alexa Gris