You Taught Me How to Say My Name

“Teach it to me,” you insisted.
Shyly, I pronounced it in English, “Nuh-DEEN Ah-ROXY Dis-lee-OG-loo.”
“No, teach it to me the way your parents named you.”

Khosrov: Bringing Armenian heritage into the realm of couture

Artistry is in Khosrov Melkonyan’s blood. The Los Angeles-born and bred fashion designer has always been a cinematic thinker, by virtue of his parents who were astute tastemakers in their own right. His father was a Yerevan-raised classically trained artist, and his mother, a culinarian with an ingenuity for lavish entertaining.  Melkonyan is the architect […]

06 March 2024 | Ella Chakarian

Aromatic Traditions in Armenian History

Growing up in the Armenian Apostolic Church was a sensory delight, with its flickering candles, rich colors, sparkling gold, and the sonorous chanting of priests and songs of the choir – all shrouded in incense, ritual, and mystery. So powerful are these memories that it felt only natural to turn to this heritage to find […]

07 February 2024 | Melissa Rodgers

Nairy Shahinian: Ecstatic Moments Project

In times of unimaginable crisis, Nairy Shahinian, like many of us, turns to music. In her words, “personally, music has been a daily companion throughout my life, with some of my earliest memories of music going as far back as my childhood. I have been especially mesmerised by music’s magical ability to heal the deepest […]

04 January 2024 | Azad Archives

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Depicting Armenia in Another Light: The Creative Voyage of Karishok Dulyan

“I entered the art world at a very young age,” explains the Armenian artist Karishok Dulyan, who held her very first solo exhibition of her 32 artworks, when she was only five years old. Born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia, Karishok’s parents were quick to pick up on her passion for drawing, so they signed […]

02 January 2024 | Hena Aposhian

Abstract Reality

Essay and artworks by Gayane Arushanian Does reality echo the chaos of our thoughts? Do we become like nature in order to create nature? In what reality do objects, boundaries, signs, and natural phenomena exist? What do the wind, sun, water, and fire look like? An infinite number of questions and one science has allowed […]

24 December 2023 | Gayane Arushanian

Darkness of Heart

Pain only takes selfies.
Don’t expect others to do it.
“Can you please take
a picture of my agony?”
Your plight is yours.
Share it.
But don’t share anyone else’s.
Your digital temple—
worship in it,
but don’t bring
in the “other.”

03 December 2023 | David Garyan