Darkness of Heart

Pain only takes selfies.
Don’t expect others to do it.
“Can you please take
a picture of my agony?”
Your plight is yours.
Share it.
But don’t share anyone else’s.
Your digital temple—
worship in it,
but don’t bring
in the “other.”

03 December 2023 | David Garyan

Dust Never Settled: Interview with Blue Kalamian

Just over one month ago, the Armenian community watched in horror as Azerbaijan launched brutal attacks on Artsakh, finally completing the ethnic cleansing of its entire indigenous population. We remain heartbroken and scared as we continue to see genocide perpetrated on a global scale, while the military invasion of Armenia looms. In these dire times, […]

25 November 2023 | Araxie Cass


Probably the most frequent and difficult questions I’ve been asked are about where I’m from… I have an indefinable accent, a name that’s hard to pronounce and I look white, but not ‘white enough’ for some people in the city where I live (Montreal, Canada). My identity is always a  little astray from the categories […]

14 November 2023 | Yon Nersessian

Defiant Dreams: an Interview with Taleen Kali

Taleen Kali’s music will take you on a journey that can at once be dreamlike, cosmic, and full of the defiance that the world oftentimes provokes. A musician, singer, songwriter, and more, she makes music that is polished and raw, intense and subtle, and defies being contained in just one genre.  Anahit Cass: I love […]

30 October 2023 | Kristin Anahit Cass

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Exploring Our Inner Universe with Maria Leonard

“I have noticed that our journey towards self-discovery is often hindered by years of unawareness and a lack of education about the power of our minds and energies, starting from our early years,” explains Maria Leonard, an Armenian spiritual coach and founder of Life Scripting. Born in Kuwait, Maria and her family were on the […]

16 October 2023 | Hena Aposhian


After nine months of an illegal and deadly blockade, Azerbaijan launched major attacks against Artsakh, bombing civilian targets and forcing residents to flee their homes. The Artsakh government and army have been disbanded, the entire territory surrendered, thousands are dead or missing, and the rest are trying to flee, not knowing if they will make […]

28 September 2023 | Azad Archives

AZAD FILMS: 100 Years of Armenian Cinema

Welcome to Azad Films, a series of online and in-person events dedicated to increasing the appreciation and accessibility of Armenian cinema. Starting on July 20th, we’ll add a new film to this page every week, including a description and link for free viewing. Every Thursday, you can anticipate a delightful surprise awaiting you on the […]

16 August 2023 | Tatevik Ayvazyan