Haygagan Bar: Embodying the Homeland through Armenian Dance (Part 1)

When Armenians still lived throughout Anatolia, a deep connection to the Armenian Highlands inspired folklore and religious belief. Mountains were the homes of dragons, the birthplaces of heroes, the earthly ancestors of the Armenian people, and even the resting place of Noah’s Ark, a belief still widely held today. Then, the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 took Armenians away from their mountains…

Photo from Lernazang Ensemble.

02 June 2024 | Abbie Tarpinian Porto

To the future descendants of the survivors

I watched it unfold on social media―months of deprivation, followed by a bloody siege and then a forced evacuation―from the comfortable distance of another country, surrounded by ocean, the one with the strongest, biggest military. No, they didn’t use it to help. Humanitarian is just a word. It means “oil money,” it means “in our […]

25 May 2024 | Lori Yeghiayan Friedman

Armenian Ancestral First-Aid Kit

The conversations our ancestors had with the land were cut short. Discovering and revitalizing their traditional medicinal practices, anchored by their reverence for herbs and their approach to natural materials is active remembrance. The source for the following piece was one that I discovered at the Boston Antiquarian Book Fair this past fall. It was […]

07 May 2024 | Palig

What Genocide Denialism Does, 109 Years Later

In New York City on April 24, 2024, Armenians gathered at St. Illuminator’s Church in Murray Hill for a candlelight vigil, then marched on Times Square, waving Armenian flags and plastering posters on walls that read “Free Armenian Prisoners.” It was the 109th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, and protestors, young and old, traversed through […]

29 April 2024 | Ella Chakarian

Support Azad for the Price of a Coffee

You Taught Me How to Say My Name

“Teach it to me,” you insisted.
Shyly, I pronounced it in English, “Nuh-DEEN Ah-ROXY Dis-lee-OG-loo.”
“No, teach it to me the way your parents named you.”

25 March 2024 | Nadine Araksi/Նատին Արաքսի

Khosrov: Bringing Armenian heritage into the realm of couture

Artistry is in Khosrov Melkonyan’s blood. The Los Angeles-born and bred fashion designer has always been a cinematic thinker, by virtue of his parents who were astute tastemakers in their own right. His father was a Yerevan-raised classically trained artist, and his mother, a culinarian with an ingenuity for lavish entertaining.  Melkonyan is the architect […]

06 March 2024 | Ella Chakarian

Aromatic Traditions in Armenian History

Growing up in the Armenian Apostolic Church was a sensory delight, with its flickering candles, rich colors, sparkling gold, and the sonorous chanting of priests and songs of the choir – all shrouded in incense, ritual, and mystery. So powerful are these memories that it felt only natural to turn to this heritage to find […]

07 February 2024 | Melissa Rodgers