Exploring Our Inner Universe with Maria Leonard

Written by Hena Aposhian

16 October 2023

“I have noticed that our journey towards self-discovery is often hindered by years of unawareness and a lack of education about the power of our minds and energies, starting from our early years,” explains Maria Leonard, an Armenian spiritual coach and founder of Life Scripting.

Born in Kuwait, Maria and her family were on the go for as long as she can remember, as her father was a singer. With a profound passion for psychology from a young age, Maria believes that her journey into the realm of self-discovery and guiding others was a natural progression. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s in Teaching English as a second or foreign language, Maria eventually found her calling in intuition coaching. Through various trainings, working with different teachers, and many life experiences, Maria found herself creating her own modality, Life Scripting, in 2019. “My thirst was fuelled by the desire to comprehend life’s purpose and unravel its mysteries,” she says.

At first, she started with part-time sessions, where she assisted individuals in unraveling their negative thoughts, harnessing the power of breathwork to facilitate release and clarity, and sharpening their focus towards healthy positive thinking. Now, she currently has more than 200 individuals trained in some or all of the courses of Life Scripting. Some are practitioners, others use it for their own self-development. Maria’s goal is to spread her teachings on an international scale, allowing everyone to have these simple yet profound tools to navigate through life easily and confidently. 

Hena Aposhian: Could you explain the concept of intuition and the role it plays in coaching? 

Maria Leonard: My philosophy is that no textbook can fully guide an individual’s unique journey. I wholeheartedly advocate tapping into one’s innate trust to listen to the inner voice, free from subjective judgments or preconceived notions. This approach allows for a deeper understanding of the blocks hindering a person’s mind and energy. Unlike traditional coaching methods, I have created my own method which does not solely focus on cognitive processes, because the individual’s energy also plays a vital role in influencing thoughts and emotions. Intuition develops and happens naturally by delving into deep meditative states and setting intentions to uncover the truth in all circumstances, while actively purifying one’s energy body or aura through breathwork or visualized verbal commands, for example saying: I now completely cleanse my third eye with the purity of golden light

I have practiced these for years, allowing me to witness the transformative power of these practices. When a client or someone seeking guidance enters a session to resolve a problem, I rely on my intuition and the knowledge I have acquired on psychological behavior to truly assist them on their path to self-discovery. It is through this holistic approach that profound breakthroughs are achieved, leading to lasting transformation and empowerment.

HA: Do you believe that the concept of “following one’s intuition” exists within Armenian society? 

ML: It does, but also it has been perceived over the years by many as a superstitious act. It’s a shame because as Armenians we have had many divination tools such as coffee cup reading. Many of the elders, especially women, have had the natural gift and didn’t necessarily learn directly but passed on the gift from one generation to the other.

I believe as Armenians we have a rich and ancient history that encompasses various spiritual and intuitive practices. I’ve heard and felt while visiting Armenia that our heritage is steeped in mysticism, folklore, and spirituality while having a long-standing tradition of reverence for nature and a belief in supernatural forces.

In our folklore, we have had individuals who were believed to possess clairvoyant or psychic abilities to communicate with the spiritual realm and they played important roles in providing guidance, healing, and divination for the community. It’s worthwhile for us as individuals to reignite these abilities within us. 

HA: How do you help clients develop their own intuition? What are the specific techniques or exercises you use?

ML: Two powerful practices: breathwork and energy cleansing, which can enhance our connection to intuition. Breathwork, specifically conscious connected breathing, gently clears the clutter of the subconscious mind, unblocking our intuitive senses. It’s important to note that this differs from traditional yogic breathing exercises, as its primary purpose is not just calming and balancing but also opening up our intuition.

Energy cleansing, on the other hand, is a more advanced technique that involves removing fear and doubt while fostering trust in our own abilities. A common challenge I’ve noticed in people is their tendency to distrust their own feelings and immediately seek rational explanations. By breaking this habit and practicing deep listening to what we truly feel at any given moment, we can cultivate a stronger connection to our intuition.

However, developing this connection requires consistent practice and a genuine desire to uncover objective truth rather than solely focusing on desired outcomes. It’s essential to understand that intuition is not wishful thinking or hoping for specific answers or messages. Instead, it empowers us to access the necessary knowledge and guidance at any given time and take action based on that information.

By incorporating breathwork and energy cleansing into our lives, we can foster a closer relationship with our intuition. Through practice, consistency, and an open-minded approach, we can tap into our innate wisdom and make decisions aligned with our deepest knowing.

HA: How can one navigate the link between science and spirituality?

ML: There is so much evidence these days on the connection between science and spirituality. My favorite authors who tackle this perfectly are Dr. Bruce Liption, Gregg Braden, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. They have done research to explain ancient knowledge in more scientific terms such as epigenetics, metaphysics, and quantum physics to name a few. It’s important to note that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive or incompatible. They are different approaches to knowledge and understanding, and individuals may choose to embrace one or both depending on their beliefs, experiences, and personal journeys. However, they both search for truth and explore the unknown. One interesting concept that I refer to is that scientific discoveries, such as the principles of ecology or quantum entanglement, reveal interconnectedness at a physical level, which aligns with spiritual ideas of oneness and interconnectedness on a deeper level. Also in my practice when one sees evidence from the outcome of the sessions they receive, this naturally shapes their belief in both the value of science and spirituality. 

Maria’s guide to developing and enhancing one’s intuition and energy skills entails daily practices of cleansing the energy field, conscious connected breathing, keeping the body active, and doing mindset work through reflections, analysis, and self-study through books and videos.

During both summers of 2021 and 2022, Maria had the opportunity to host two immensely successful retreats in Lori, Armenia where she welcomed participants from various backgrounds and nationalities. “We formed profound spiritual connections during our visits to ancient churches like Haghpat and Sanahin, and our road trips to Sevan and Dilijan were nothing short of awe-inspiring.” Due to her busy schedule, Maria couldn’t organize another retreat this summer, but she’s hopeful for another one very soon.