Paula Kjdrian

Book Review: Our Women on the Ground: Essays by Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World

Our Women on the Ground is divided into five parts: “Remembrances”, “Crossfire”, “Resilience”, “Exile”, and “Transition.”. Some feel like an obituary to a beloved husband and even to war. Some feel like letters to the backbones of Iraq, i.e., women, or to the cynical baba –father– who had a hard time accepting his daughter’s career. And many feel like testimonies, filled with guilt…

16 June 2022 | Paula Kjdrian

Sorry, Bro: The queer Armenian Rom-Com we didn’t know we needed

Literature and time walk hand in hand. We’ve seen cultures grow and thrive through writings, and most of the time, we forget that without authors “ahead of their time” many would not have had the courage to do what their favorite book characters did in similar situations. However, a reader has to find a certain […]

07 February 2022 | Paula Kjdrian

The Red Painting

by Paula Kjdrian Tonight  I am just another slut,  only in white.  A pandora’s box, an attempt to see if my purity is a hoax. Tonight  I will promise my eternity,  my children, my body.  He will promise his love to me only if I meet what he expects of me.  Tonight  I will lay […]

16 November 2021 | Paula Kjdrian