Alexa Gris

No Means No: Yallah, Bye

Consent has been the center of a lot of discussion lately, both within the Armenian community and outside of it. Though legal definitions of sexual consent vary from country to country, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “giv[ing] assent or approval.”

Simple enough, right? Not exactly.

10 January 2023 | Alexa Gris

Aram Krikorian on Activism, Intersectionality, and Their Book Ճանապարը (The Road)

Aram Krikorian’s intersectionalities run deep. Aram is a nonbinary queer artivist based in Berkeley, California. They are Armenian, Palestinian, French Canadian and American. Using their unique lens and background, Aram creates artwork that connects directly with public activism. Though Aram never imagined they could be a public artist, over the past few years, they have […]

28 December 2021 | Alexa Gris

A Letter to an Old Friend

by Alexa Gris Thinking about you happens often, without my permission, but it happens.  I don’t want to miss you, but sometimes I do. I don’t want to hate you, but most of the time, I do. Ten years later, why do you still take up so much space in my mind after taking what […]

10 October 2021 | Alexa Gris