Nairy Shahinian: Ecstatic Moments Project

Written by Azad Archives

04 January 2024

In times of unimaginable crisis, Nairy Shahinian, like many of us, turns to music. In her words, “personally, music has been a daily companion throughout my life, with some of my earliest memories of music going as far back as my childhood. I have been especially mesmerised by music’s magical ability to heal the deepest wounds.”

Nairy has always been fascinated with the language of music, one that communicates deeply human emotions across borders and other divides. When she was offered the opportunity to photograph at the first official music concert she attended in 2010, she experienced the music she had always loved in a new way. She felt connected to the musicians as they performed their art onstage and she created hers from the audience. She experienced an intensity of emotion and feeling that can only happen in a live performance, being in the same place as the musicians while they create their magic.

The Ecstatic Moments Project is a collection of photographs that capture these moments of magic and ecstasy at concerts, sharing the artist’s inspiration and experience with her viewers. 

As we’ve witnessed unimaginable tragedies across the world in the past few years, and intense events and escalations over the past few months, Nairy is putting her project into action to help. Works from this project are now on sale, with special prices until the end of January 2024, and proceeds will be donated to help provide the basic necessities to peaceful, innocent civilians whose lives are affected by natural and man-made disasters, regardless of their nationalities and religions.

The proceeds will be donated to a fundraising effort of the buyer’s choice to help civilians affected by the recent crises.

Learn more about the Ecstatic Moments Project and Nairy’s work here

Contact Nairy through her website or Instagram for the list of available artworks and prices.